You could hike for days and not get sick of the trails in Duluth. Along Lake Superior’s tributaries and through it’s rocky, wooded hills, Duluth has some of the best hiking in the region with some of the best views! One of the most popular destinations is the Lake Superior Hiking Trail, a 277-mile footpath that follows Lake Superior from Duluth to the Canadian border. With trailheads every 5-10 miles, the trail is extremely accessible and can be experienced in small chunks or over the course of a multi-day backpacking trip… take your pick, but be sure to take the trek! For an extremely in-depth look at the Lake Superior Hiking Trail, visit the Superior Hiking Trail Association’s page.

Extended Hiking Trails

Superior Hiking Trail


The Lake Superior Hiking Trail meanders along Lake Superior’s ridgeline up the North Shore. In Duluth, the trail can be accessed from the following locations:

For a complete breakdown of the Lake Superior Hiking Trail, visit the Superior Hiking Trail Association’s website.

North Country National Scenic Trail

“The North Country National Scenic Trail is a premier hiking and backpacking trail that travels for more than 4,000 miles through seven northern states from Lake Sakakawea State Park in North Dakota to Crown Point, New York. The North Country trail is one of only eight National Scenic Trails in the United States and is also one of 42 designated Wisconsin State Trails.

n Wisconsin the North Country Trail clips the northwest corner of the state for 200 miles, passing through Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland and Iron counties. The North Country Trail route crosses Wisconsin’s western border at Minnesota’s Jay Cooke State Park, and the trail crosses into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula from Hurley to Ironwood via the U.S. Highway 2 bridge across the Montreal River.

Although Wisconsin has the shortest trail distance among the seven states the trail passes through, Wisconsin is responsible for providing the name to the North Country Trail. The original 60-mile Northern Country Trail in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest lent its name to the 4,000-mile National Scenic Trail when the idea of the multi-state trail was first envisioned.

The seven states the North Country National Scenic Trail now travels through are North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.” -WI DNR

Border Route Hiking Trail

The Border Route Trail stretches 65 miles through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). It follows the Canadian/United States border along ridge lines and high cliffs, providing travelers with breathtaking views… especially in the Fall when colors are changing! The trail is free to hike if you are traveling outside of the BWCAW (East of McFarland Lake and West of Crab Lake), otherwise you will need to obtain a permit that costs $12 and can be purchased online here. Campsites are available along the trail; most are shared with canoeists within the BWCAW and are located near water, one of the exceptions is Pine Ridge, which is located between Pine and East Pike Lake.  For more information on the Border Rout Hiking Trail, head to its main webpage.


City of Duluth Hiking Trails

Lester/Amity Trail System

  • Trail head: On the west side of Lester River Road about one block up from the intersection with Superior Street
  • Distance: About 1 mile
  • Difficulty: Beginning – Advanced

Congdon Park Trail

  • Trail head: 32nd Ave East and Superior Street
  • Distance: 1.5 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy

Chester Park Trail 

  • Trail head: 19th Ave East and Kent Road at Chester Park or at the upper end at Chester Parkway and Skyline Boulevard
  • Distance: 2 miles
  • Difficulty: Challenging

Hartley Park Trail

  • Trail head: Fairmont & Woodland Aves
  • Distance: Over 5 miles
  • Difficulty: Various


  • Trail head: Canal Park
  • 3 miles to 26th Ave E
  • Difficulty: Easy

Lincoln Park Trail 

  • Trail head: 25th Ave West just above 4th Street
  • Distance: 1.5 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy

Magney-Snively Trail

  • Trail head: 9900 block of West Skyline Parkway
  • Distance: 9 miles
  • Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced

Kingsbury Creek Trail 

  • Trail head: At the end of Waseca Street just north of 72nd Ave West
  • Distance: 1.3 miles
  • Difficulty: Challenging

Park Point Trail 

  • Trail head: At the far end of Park Point past the recreation area
  • Distance: 4 miles
  • Difficulty: Challenging

Western Waterfront Trail

  • Trail head: Across the street from the Lake Superior Zoo at 74th Ave West
  • Distance: 5 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy

Mission Creek Trails

  • Trail head: Hwy 23 & 131st Ave W
  • Distance: 3.75 miles
  • Difficulty: Challenging

North Shore Hiking Trails

Cascade River

  • Location: 3481 West Highway 61, Lutsen, MN 55612
  • Distance: 18 miles

George Crosby Manitou

  • Location: 5702 Highway 61, Silver Bay, MN 55614
  • Distance: 24 miles

Gooseberry Falls

  • Location: 3206 Highway 61 East, Two Harbors, MN 55616
  • Distance: 20 miles

Grand Portage

  • Location: 9393 East Highway 61, Grand Portage, MN 55605
  • Distance: 4 miles within the state park. 17 miles round-trip for “The Grand Portage”

Jay Cooke

  • Location:  780 Highway 210, Carlton, MN 55718
  • Distance: 50 miles

Split Rock Lighthouse

  • Location:3755 Split Rock Lighthouse Road, Two Harbors, MN 55616
  • Distance: 12 miles


  • Location: 5702 Highway 61, Silver Bay, MN 55614
  • Distance:23 miles

Sugarloaf Cove

  • Location: Located 4 miles southwest of Schroeder, Minnesota or about 74 miles northeast of Duluth. (Heading northeast on highway 61, it’s on the right hand side)
  • Distance: About a mile long.