32nd Chester Creek Concert Season

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By Pakou Ly
Public Information Coordinator

Come celebrate Duluth’s 32nd season of the Chester Creek Concert Series on Tuesday, June 3rd at 7:00 PM. The “Chmielewski Funtime Band” will open the season with classic polka music that is sure to get everyone moving. The season line up of singers such as Charlie Parr, Fish Heads, and Rock a Billy Revue will provide lots of music entertainment throughout the summer.

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2014 Chester Creek Concert Series

  • June 3 Chmielewski Funtime Band
  • June 10 Lake City Smokin’ Section
  • June 17 Charlie Parr
  • June 24 Fish Heads
  • July 1 Saint Anyway
  • July 8 Rock a Billy Revue
  • July 15 The Formal Age
  • July 22 Sound Incorporated
  • July 29 Busterville
  • August 5 Pot Bellied Stallions

*Rain Dates August 12 and 19

DNR: Protect yourself and Minnesota waters

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(Released May 20, 2014)

After a long winter, Minnesotans are ready to hit the water for the official start of the boating season — Memorial Day. The Department of Natural Resources is reminding everyone to protect themselves and state waters.Courtesy of the Minnesota DNR

“Think zero — zero aquatic invasive species violations, zero new infestations and zero boating deaths,” said Lt. Adam Block, DNR conservation officer.

DNR inspectors working at public accesses around the state have found that most people are following aquatic invasive species (AIS) laws. But already this year they have stopped over 40 boaters who were entering or leaving lakes with zebra mussels attached to boats or equipment.

Time Lapse of Lake Superior Freeze Over

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North Magazine May/June 2014

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Park Point Paradise / A primer on the world’s largest freshwater sandbar

Cabin Stories / Love the lake life?

Northern Taste / Find your best burger “up north.”

Outdoors / Lake Superior calling you to sail the unsalted sea?


It’s that time of the year again

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As temps start to rise, be sure to check those beach conditions!

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Ice Fishing Lake Trout near Duluth, MN – In-Depth Outdoors

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A Cyclists Guide to Springtime in Duluth

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By Adam Sundberg
Chairperson, COGGS


Photo Courtesy of Hansi Johnson

As much as Duluth has going for it, having early spring seasons is not one of them. We have predominantly clay soils which collect moisture and makes for slow drying after the snow. We are also coming off the coldest winter in 139 years and the 5th snowiest. COGGS has done a lot of work to improve our trail’s sustainability, so we are in much better shape after a summer rain, but we always have longer to wait in the spring than our neighbors to the east, CAMBA and the Upper Peninsula, with their enviable sandy soils.

So what is a cyclist to do to get in miles so they can lose their winter paunch and spring life into their legs? Here are a few suggestions for some alternatives to hitting the trails and a timeline, starting in winter so you will be prepared for next year.

Day Tripper of Duluth

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By Jake Boyce
Founder, Co-Owner Day Tripper of Duluth, LLC.roundtransred

Day Tripper of Duluth, LLC provides guided outdoor trips in the Duluth area, North Shore, South Shore and beyond. We offer a wide range of activities for small and large groups of all ages and ability levels in EVERY SEASON. Visit our website to see our full listing of trips. Come try fat biking, mountain biking,  paddling on Lake Superior or improve your cross-country skiing technique and much more! Get outside, learn, enjoy with Day Tripper of Duluth.

Summer Evenings in Hartley Park

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By Brett Amundson
Director of OperationsHartley Nature Center

arch-corp-5May 12, 2014 – Want to brush up on your bird and plant identification?
Ever wondered about which native plants to incorporate into your garden?
This summer, Hartley Nature Center will host a variety of evening programs
that might just answer these questions and more!

Crossing the Laurentian Divide

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By David Cowardin
Duluth Outdoors Managing Editor


20 years ago my father was pulling me in a sled across a snow drifted trail in North Dakota’s frozen tundra.

We were snowshoeing with my two uncles.

Uncle Ted’s body jerked sporadically as he tried to maintain his balance. I pointed and laughed at him, not knowing that his inability to walk in a straight line was due to his cerebral palsy.

My dad swung around, grabbed a handful of my jacket, pulled me close, and reprimanded me.

Lesson learned.

20 years later, Ted and I were taking carefully measured sips of water from our canteens as we stood at the foot of the infamous “Wall,” a rocky ledge of the Laurentian Divide.